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Get ready for your "First Time" with Nakala

British R&B soulstress Nakala first turned our heads with her "How Can You" single, serving us nostalgic 90s vibes with her honeyed vocals and sultry beats. Today, she stuns us again with her new single "First Time". 

Continuing the trend of using music to tell her personal story, Nakala shares that she wrote this single "after speaking to this girl for a while and the more I was getting to know her, the more I started to like her. I guess I was nervous about making our first time perfect because I didn't want it to be a one night thing." Sticking to her style of tight drums and sensuous lyrics, Nakala paints a familiar picture of a new love, enveloping us in a haze of dimly lit conversations, and first touches. It's the kind of powerful imagery that we have come to expect from the contemporary R&B artist, who has managed to create a theme song for every stage of a relationship since her debut hit "Paris." 

With her singles nabbing spots on the Spotify UK Vital Chart and earning over 6M streams, Nakala quickly establishes that while she may be singing about her first time, this will certainly not be the last that you'll hear from her. 

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