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OMNOM releases exclusive mix of booty dropping bass ahead of this year's Lightning in a Bottle [Premiere]

Do LaB continue to be leading innovators pushing the envelope of creating unique and immersive music and art experiences for fans. Their Lightning in a Bottle festival has quickly become one the top premier west coast festivals of the year and mecca for dance fans around the world. By blending unique art, inspiring architecture and a carefully curated lineup of leading dance musicians and up-and-comers, this year's LIB is sure to be another spectacular event. One such up-and-coming artist on this year's lineup is Dirtybird's new young gun OMNOM. Check out his exclusive mix to get fans ready for this year's LIB.

OMNOM has taken the house scene by storm. The young SoCal producer broke onto the scene running with his 2018 smash hit "Fo Free". With a signature Dirtybird blend of tongue-in-cheek vocals and heavy booty dropping bass, this young producer is set to get fans throwing their inhibitions to the wind as they lose themselves to the heavy 808 bass. 

The thing that truly sets LIB apart from the rest is that it's constantly evolving. Each year it improves and delivers more unique experiences than the year before. And as the festival embarks onto its next phase with a new location, the heart of the LIB stays the same. Fans can always count on passionate Do LaB innovators to craft exciting and new immersive experiences like no other.

For more info and tickets to this year's Lighting in a Bottle, please visit: https://lightninginabottle.org/

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