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Merival finds a resolution with her ghosts on "I With Mine"

Toronto singer-songwriter Anna Horvath, better known as Merival, deals with the ghost of her past on her latest single "I With Mine." Penned from a pensive composition and graceful composure, the artist's latest track walks into a realm of resolution rather than remorse. Following up "Sinner," we once again see Merival's agile thoughts at war with each other, but unlike the track's predecessor, "I With Mine" finds it truth internally. 

Described by Horvath as a "sonic representation of a dream-like state" due to reoccurring dreams of a past lover, the pain and joy of the relationship resurface for her to put at rest. "It began to feel like a funny loop I had created for myself – this magnetism to somebody who had hurt me very badly but who had nothing to do with my current life," says Horvath. " I feared I might have to deal with these thoughts for years to come. I felt powerless. If that person had called me up and asked to see me during that period, I don't think I would have been able to say no."

Armed with an acoustic guitar and the shimmering clemency of a piano's keys, the track mirrors the artist's state of mind with ease. Horvath acknowledges a series of emotions from the past to the present and basks in the haze of the folk ballad. The minimal aesthetic and fragility that Horvath presents weighs of a tight grip letting go during the relatively short duration of the track.

Since the artist's debut years ago, which showcased Horvath's extensive poetic lines, "I With Mine" showcases a fierce and gentle maturity and comfort in her own skin.

Merival is set to release her debut full length this summer.

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