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Berry Juice and Josh Tobias aren't "Messin' Around" with their nu-disco groove

True contemporaries of nu-disco, long-time collaborators Berry Juice and Josh Tobias are no strangers to the genre having come together on various singles in the past. Now, after three years, they've reunited for summery single "Messin' Around".

"Messin' Around" sees the artists continue where they left off as they deliver another disco cut—one brimming with personality and flair. Feel-good and akin to an invitation for summer, the track is a soothing execution of shimmering synths and crisp drums, perfectly juxtaposed with Tobias' inimitable soulful vocals.

"In this track we tried to make the music and the lyrics match," the artists note. "It's about this guy who gradually finds out about the infidelity of his girl. At the beginning there is doubt and soulful sadness but at the climax those feelings make place for anger. In some way, it’s still a sexy track. There’s tension all along." Teeming with giddiness yet with a tinge of sophistication, "Messin' Around" is a the perfect groove for the upcoming season.

Stream "Messin' Around" here.

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