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The Driver Era can "Feel You Now" with new alt-rock anthem

"Feel You Now" by The Driver Era truly showcases the raw songwriting talent that band members Ross and Rocky Lynch have. The song features a mixture of new age synth sounds alongside familiar brass instruments and an insatiable guitar solo. Each instrument is given a moment to shine through, showcasing the duo's pure musical prowess. They build each instrument on top of each other gradually making each new addition welcomed with open arms all the way until the grand final chorus. This song has the potential to be the next big alternative anthem.

The final chorus cuts through all the noise and lets lead singer Ross Lynch really let loose. He goes off on a numerous vocals riffs and you can hear the pure musical bliss as he explores angelic falsetto's on top of the already energetic chorus. Alongside this, "Feel You Now" explores many unique harmonization. One of these being the deep vocal effect layered over Ross' which brings a unique sound to the verses. 

The Driver Era are currently on tour across the U.S. and have more exciting music coming in the near future.

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Alternative Rock


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6 months ago

The driver era rock!