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Bliss out to Tropic Harbour's new groove on "Come Back" [Video]

Tropic Harbour is the utopian musical netherworld created by Canadian musician Mark Berg. It's in this fantastical headspace that Berg unleashes his woozy dream-pop to the world. "Come Back" is the latest mind-melting track and it's accompanied by a vintage-looking music video.

"Come Back" starts off soft and unassuming as it mimics a lucid daydream. Pulsing synths and slinky guitar lines edge further into fantasy as the Berg's lyrics touch on the endless possibilities of a potential romance that, for the moment, "doesn't exist." The trancey trip-hop influence sets Tropic Harbour in the same realm as contemporaries as Orchid Mantis or Triathalon but Berg's sullen vocal takes this iteration of dream-pop to a new level of introspection and escapism.

The video was directed by Louis Dazy and features a series of kaleidoscopic images that feel like double-exposure film shots coming to life. With vibrant colors mixed over multiple mediums, each scene feels like a visual from the 2011 classic Drive that was left on the editing room floor. The stark images mixed with Berg's artfully crafted songwriting come together to create a serious mood of calm melancholy. This is an exciting signifier of things to come as Berg continues to explore the dreamy aesthetic of Tropic Harbour.

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