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HÆLOS celebrate the present in an "End Of World Party"

HÆLOS shared their new single "End of World Party," from their upcoming album Any Random Kindness, out May 10th via Infectious Music. This comes after a sequence of other recent singles ("Kyoto," "Boy / Girl," and "Buried in the Sand") off of the future LP. It's remindful of a powerful, female-fronted 90s dance radio-hit about living for the moment and focusing on the now.

"'End of World Party' went through a few different versions, and then we took things from other songs and these new melodies materialized that we ran with. There's a lot of fun production in it," Arthur Delaney explains regarding the song's unique sonic spin. Lotti Benardout elaborates on its themes, "It's a bit more tongue-in-cheek than some of the other tracks on the record. We're all humans in the end—you often need to turn yourself off from the news and enjoy the moment."

 HÆLOS recently just appeared on Last Call With Carson Daly (NBC) with a performance of Any Random Kindness's "Kyoto" and "Dust" off of their first album Full Circle. They are currently on tour through June, traveling to cities throughout the US and a couple of dates in London. 

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