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Buzzy Lee is our “Sundown Queen” with a bewitching new indie synth-pop ballad

Buzzy Lee has shared the first single "Sundown Queen" off of her new EP Close Encounters Of Their Own Kind out April 26th. If you're not familiar with Buzzy Lee, it's the alias artist name of Sasha Spielberg (yes, like Steven Spielberg's daughter). She's been making her own way onto the indie scene since the critically acclaimed release of her 2018 debut EP Facepaint. 

"Sundown Queen" sounds like an 80s pop ballad with a serious dance-alone-in-your-room kind of vibe. Spielberg's high-pitched delivery on the pinched words smoothly scale downward as she sings, "I can play the part that you wrote for me. In the 70s, we'd be in love." It's a vintage pop serenade worth giving a listen to. 

Produced by Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, HEALTH), the EP will be released via his label KRO Records. Raisen and Spielberg were strongly influenced by legendary keyboardist Tommy Mandel's 1979 album Mello Magic and started playing around with the tracks and beats. What began as a usual songwriting session turned into the duo chopping, warping, and bending his music, creating something truly unique in the end. 

Raisen says, "it’s a body of work that sounds like if you were walking along a beach and found a buried cassette tape in the sand that was all sunbaked, warped and wet, but you decided to put into your tape player anyways and for some strange reason it actually worked." 

Connect with Buzzy Lee: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website | Spotify | Soundcloud | KRO Records



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