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Onni Boi delivers disco tinged new single "Tides"

Kick off Friday morning with disco-tinged melodies and smooth vocals from new-comer Onni Boi. He's granting us a first look at his new single "Tides" today, which will quickly have the whole room dancing. Aptly blurring the lines between electronic, indie, and disco house, Onni Boi carefully blends harmonies with his androgynous vocals and playful lyrics on "Tides". 

In a fun fusion of sounds, Onni opens up in lyrics and shares topics he would normally keep private talk. His intimate lyrics provide a shoulder to cry on but with a warm bouncy pulse to walk you home from the party. When speaking with us he shares, “I had a verse for 'Tides' laying around for a year or two. A little loop in the head. There was something irritating but exciting about it so ended up waiting a while before recording it. I think 'Tides' turned out cool and cheesy and also kind of personal. There’s this feeling of trouble with letting someone close (and keeping them that way). And how those are seasonal things, cycles, tides. It’s so much easier to please people than to let them in on where you head’s at. XO”. Kick up your heels, grab a dancing buddy, and put this one on the speakers. Give it a listen above! 

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