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Trevor Daniel releases second EP 'Restless'

Trevor Daniel is still defying limits on his music. He just released his second EP, filled with six songs including his ridiculously infectious "Paranoid" single. Restless is packed with emotional, addictive songs that hear his rich vocals laced over instrumentals from star producers Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, and others. This project is a bit more experimental than his last EP, Homesick, but doesn't fall short on any of the things that make Daniel's music great. Restless tells narratives of young relationship issues and feelings that make it instantly relatable and emotion-evoking. The three-song stretch of "Paranoid," "Come Over," and "Empty" is undeniably an extended highlight. "Paranoid" has the catchy melodies that make every new listener a fan, "Come Over" has the relatable narratives that make Daniel's music special, and "Empty" has characteristics of both previously-mentioned songs while the young singer flexes his smooth vocals over a lighter trap beat from KC Supreme and Taz Taylor. 

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