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Xoller’s “Warning Shot” is an addict’s cautionary tale

Ethereal and pensive, Xoller has released her latest single “Warning Shot”. The track showcases stunningly airy, warm vocals atop a simple piano melody and shimmering synths. The song’s message is incredibly profound and powerful. Thematically, it details the concept of addiction and how it surfaces in many different forms. Whether it’s alcohol, cigarettes or even love, the single focuses on the intense feeling we get from being hopelessly hooked.

“It’s never what we expected it to be. It doesn’t nourish us like we thought it would, and the hunger keeps growing. Don't fall into that pool, you know you'll drown again, you drown every time. But if drowning is all you know, what do you do once you dry yourself off?”, Xoller explains. “Warning Shot” is like a mantra; turn back now, you can’t say we didn’t warn you—this is your warning shot. Once your heart gets caught, there’s no getting it back.

A Los Angeles based dream pop artist, Xoller is a solo venture from her work in a Brooklyn-based dreamwave duo, Prom. With music expressing a wistful nostalgia for past and future, her debut EP Diamond In My Head is coming spring 2019. It explores disdainful longing and deep heartache through melancholy vocals and soaring choruses. Check out “Warning Shot” out now.

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