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Blest Jones evokes an untapped emotion with "Take It Back" on Lush Records

Blest Jones

Last year, Blest Jones released a raw and emotional collaboration with Thalia Falcon on "Sometimes" and "Needed You The Most" with Yetep and Goons. Blest Jones has been turning heads since those releases, and now the dance and R&B singer-songwriter and producer strikes another chord in "Take It Back" on Lush Records with producer Paul Couture.   

A slow-moving atmosphere opens the piece with warm piano and shimmering reverbs. Blest Jones keeps his energetic vocals on the low while Couture's production effortlessly moves the track along. "Take It Back" is a nostalgic story about the good times that were shared with a special someone. Blest's lyrics reignite the moments when they first met and truly connected. By reminding ourselves that love is out there for everyone, we are able to continue pressing on and searching for that spark once again. The highlight of the production is certainly Blest Jones's vocals, taking the spotlight right back. 

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Dancehall · Hip-Hop · R&B


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