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Soul Clap launches us outer space with 'Jupiter Crush'

I'm not even going to lie, I only found out about Soul Clap when Mija tweeted something about them being her favourite DJs a few months ago, and have been obsessed with them ever since. From Boston, Massachusetts, the duo have been active since 2001, and have their own label that they operate out of Boston called Soul Clap Records. Long story short, they're absolute gangsters. They're one of those unclassifiable, timeless artists who just never miss the mark.

Released on House of EFUNK Records, Jupiter Crush is Soul Clap's first release of 2019 and features two tracks that are sure to take over patio parties this summer. Fun fact: EFUNK stands for "Everybody's Freaky Under Nature's Kingdom". Ok true.

The title track "Jupiter Crush" is a high-energy track that features futuristic synths, hypnotizing claps, and what I like to call a 'rubber band bassline', while "Natural Bliss" is a more chill and uplifting track with soothing vocals and percussions.

Soul Clap is lovable because the music they make is so different. They're usually classified as funk, disco or house, and they definitely are those things. But they're also soul, 90s R&B, jazz, tech-house, and experimental as hell, so to put them in a box would be doing them an injustice. If you haven't yet, go through their music library. It's music for all people, all occasions, all moods.

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