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Behti sends a wake up call for the modern day "Woman"

Indie singer Behti newest single "Woman" help spark up the light in the self-empowerment department. From the jump, she explains her stance when it comes to relationships, art, and life in general. Armed with a lush vocal tone reminiscent of modern age R&B luminaries such as H.E.R, SZA, Behti holds her own over the sultry, hip-hop-tinged backdrop provided by producer NiZAM BEATZ. The record shows growth and self-discovery in her art as she doesn't hold back on her desires and wants when it comes to life. In summary, Behti gives you a smooth, rich tone that is soothing to the ear and playful yet relatable lyrical content.

"Woman" is the debut single from the Harlem based singer-songwriter who is a LaGuardia Arts alumnus and only began to start pursuing music seriously a year ago.

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