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Blest Jones & Thalia Falcon team up for raw, emotional "Sometimes"

Blest Jones

Back in July of 2015, Blest Jones caught the attention of the music scene. His latest collaboration with Thalia Falcon called "Sometimes" on Lush Records is a soothing and raw, yet energetic synth-pop piece.

"Sometimes" is a track about the push and pull of a relationship, where some things are liked and some are not. It's honest, real, and emotional. And, "Sometimes" is a culmination of Blest Jones' warming vocals and energy. However, the minimalistic production allows for key exposure to Jones and Falcon's every word. Falcon's vocals jump in and heighten the piece with inviting and soothing harmonies. Pulsing keyboards and bass comb through the frequency spectrum, pairing perfectly with the smooth, groovy percussion elements. 

Connect with Blest Jones: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Thalia Falcon: SoundCloud | Instagram

Electro Pop · Indie · Indie Pop · Pop


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