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Adam Melchor’s ‘Plan On You’ is sweet, mellow, and just melancholy enough

Adam Melchor’s EP Plan On You is a great reminder of the simple beauty of a singer songwriter. There’s an inherent gentleness to his persona, reminiscent of foundational folk musicians like Graham Nash. Melchor utilizes tender harmonies that don’t get in the way. Nothing feels cluttered, and at the same time, nothing feels too empty.

Melchor manages to write as a singer-songwriter without his songs feeling formulaic. Many of the tracks start with simple hook that in less adept hands could simply repeat in a predictable pattern and then end. Instead he guides us along somewhere new.

The subtle layers of keys and synths helps with this. “Means To A Mend” even loses the guitar for the second verse before bringing it back almost as a form of percussion. It’s hypnotizing, and ultimately hopeful. In “I Don’t Wanna See You Cryin’ Anymore” he pans the vocal harmonies while keeping the guitar centered. This adds a subtle level of depth, enveloping you in music, even if it is otherwise the most straightforward song on the EP.

Melchor was born in Jersey, and moved to Los Angeles for music. He studied opera in college, but we can be glad he shifted into the indie-folk realm. The title track, “Plan On You” is a perfect example of effective, understated songwriting.

Live Dates:

5/6 Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn

5/9 The Hideout, Chicago

5/21 The Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles

Connect with Adam Melchor: Facebook| Spotify | Instagram



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