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Matroda goes back to the origins of House in 'The RED Tape - Side A' EP

Matroda is the kind of artist that you will remember his singular sound of bass house after just one listen. Some may describe this sound as devilish, dark and minimal, but in fact, the Croatian producer refuses to be put into any category. "I can describe my sound with two words: Matroda sound. I want to create something different, unique, and fresh every time I start producing a record. Music has no boundaries," says Matroda. 

His latest EP on Dim Mak surely proves this statement. The RED Tape - Side A encompasses all things bass-hitting, staying true to his restless style but also bringing in avant-garde elements to showcase his production versatility and artistic vision. 

In the first track, "Do You Remember House," with lyrics from the classic "Do You Remember House" by Blaze, Matroda pays tribute to the roots of house culture. However, packed with echoing percussions, sinister basslines and laser-lit synths,  the track also encapsulates his unique modern production approach. "I still remember when I first saw Frankie Knuckles playing in my hometown. I was underage at the time & had a fake ID, so I was able to sneak in… If I were to have a time machine, I would def go back to the early beginnings in Chicago," Matroda shares.

Following up, the second new track "That Beat" is the perfect dance beat for the upcoming festival season. Sublime build-up immediately creates a thunderous atmosphere. Heavy-hitting percussion paired with warbling bass grab us down to a digitalized rabbit hole when the rough drops hit. The record is a broody meeting of the abrasive and the unapologetic.

The EP also includes two other tracks that have been released before, "True G (feat. BRUX)" and "They Call Me." Both tracks feature ominous melodies and cacophonous effects at the perfect mid-point between niche underground and accessibility.

Matroda shares with us that, for him, "house music is a movement - it can help people dance their problems away." The RED Tape - Side A surely achieves this goal as all four tracks are absolute dance-floor destroyers.

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Connect with Matroda: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Connect with Dim Mak: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

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