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Mason teams up with Shingai for "Bang Bang"

Mason is back with his latest track, "Bang Bang," a perfect manifestation of his out of the box production style. Featuring Shingai on vocals, "Bang Bang" is a funky upbeat call for freedom of expression.

When the music industry averages 20,000 new releases added to Spotify each day, it's easy to find music all sounding the same. There's the all-encompassing "dance" music, a bucketed term that can include everything from rhythmic pop, pop, to music calling itself "house." Then add in Spotify's algorithm, and suddenly, it's even easier to get caught up in a quicksand full of music that leaves you wondering, "Who is this for?" But throughout his decades-spanning career, Mason has consistently done things his own way, bringing a stop to this tiring cycle. The Dutch producer builds his music on surprising elements - this time tom-tom-led percussion and in-touch vocals from Shingai - making each of his releases a new experience. 

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