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Kojey Radical reflects on his journey in stunning video for "25"

There are a few important moments in everyone’s life where we pause to take stock of where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. A mid-life crisis is the most common example, but a lesser talked about period is at one’s quarter life, or their mid-twenties. In his latest single “25,” Kojey Radical reflects on his life from childhood to the age of 25. The track features KZ as well as a cinematic short film directed by Taz Tron Delix that depicts Kojey’s examination of his character from the innocence of youth to the darker, hardened adulthood.

Kojey underscores his thoughts in a quiet moment of spoken word before the instrumentals fully kick in. He writes, “Wondering where my youth went / pondering how much time spent longing to know where time went, my feeling’s expensive / mine came with a death wish.” He articulates the collision of youthful naiveté with cold reality with the line, “Still don’t know how to feel, it’s still ‘fuck how you feel.’” We also see the thematic juxtaposition in the song’s urgent yet catchy production as well as the video that features light, warm shots in the first half before transitioning to a darkened dystopia in the back end. With an exciting new project on the way, Kojey is already on top of his craft and is still growing. His future in the industry has no limits.

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