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Matilda Abraham releases an enchanting ambient pop single "Untitled (Baby Alien Jam Session)"

We first had the pleasure of being introduced to the Syndey singer and producer Matilda Abraham with her ethereal debut record "Own Worst Enemy"; where she took us into a whole new dimension in the experimental and ambient pop genre. Straying from the comfy regions of past work, she has now opted for a more atmospheric and layered production with her latest release, "Untitled (Baby Alien Jam Session)".

With a title that quirky, you'd be wondering what to really expect and Abraham did exactly just that. It would be flawed to constrain the fluidity of the music by simply labeling it as instrumental - given that she layers the sparkling textures with multiple vocal harmonies that remind me of Clannad. On another note, there are actually no lyrics on this tune and it's safe to say it's a deliberate attempt to turn a unique type of untethered jam session into a carefully crafted listening experience or something a baby alien can fall asleep to. Whatever you want to call it, it's delightfully airy and a truly mesmerizing work of music.

"Untitled (Baby Alien Jam Session)" is also another self-produced record from the classically trained musician.  You can get her sophomore EP  ' Away'. Get the audio here

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Atmospheric · Progressive


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