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Matilda Abraham delivers an assortment of textured pop sounds in "Own Worst Enemy"

Matilda Abraham is a one-woman band. Her latest record  "Own Worst Enemy" is an indie pop track that showcases her skillset in songwriting, production, editing, and mixing.

Abraham employs subtle dramatic sounds over a nostalgic soundscape through delayed drum patterns (weird but kinda works in this situation) for the record. Her vocal style is mellow and melancholic which reinforces her aim to stand out from the pack. The Red Bull Music Academy alumni just got off from performing with Grammy award-winning producer Chilly Gonzales at a show in Montreal, Canada and she is ready to gift the world with her unique brand of off-kilter pop music.

"Own Worst Enemy" is from Matilda Abraham’s second EP ' Away'. Get the audio here

Connect with  Matilda Abraham : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Spotify

Indie Pop


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