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The Head and Heart have kickstarted their next album with "Missed Connection"

Three albums in and The Head and the Heart have made a beautiful collection of American stories and vocal harmonies. The Seattle group will be delivering another upcoming record under Reprise Records and Warner Bros. The record's titled Living Mirage. The band has dropped their lead single on March 14th, "Missed Connection".

"In a sense, it's like the mentality of when the universe gives you little breadcrumb trails, just follow it. You never really know what's going to come from that. Generally, I feel like anytime you take those clues and see where it's going to lead you, it leads you somewhere you were hoping to be or somewhere in retrospect you realize where you wanted to wind up in the first place," said band member, Jon Russell, for Pandora.

Producers Tyler Sam Johnson and Alex Salibian, who lasted produced the debut self-titled album for singer Harry Styles, linked up with the band to create this number.

The album's release date is May 17th. It'll have 11 tracks of pure songwriting and moving lyricism in classic THATH fashion. Their last album, Signs of Light, peaked at number five on the US charts.

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