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Angry Blackmen 'Talkshit!' on new EP

Angry Blackmen use their newest project, Talkshit! to do just that. Comprised of Chicago's Quentin Branch and Brain Warren, the thought-provoking duo have been working on this project for the past year.

TalkShit! is completely produced by their frequent collaborator Wendigo which is impressive considering the diversity of sounds coming through. This production helps a sound that rides line of Industrial hip-hop while Angry Blackmen help to keep the sound focused on the bars. Songs like "Riot" which was previously featured on EARMILK, and "Spazz" do a really great job getting into political topics and not being shy about their point.  

Branch and Warren show they have a serious chemistry when it comes to song making. Their ideas seem to really build off of each other and while they certainly have different deliveries they maintain a consistent message or idea in each track. Check out the EP follow below for more Angry Blackmen. 

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