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Ted Jasper steps out with hypnotic single "Back For More"

Producer and burgeoning vocalist Ted Jasper has put out a mesmerizing new single entitled “Back For More.” The song is his first release since his EP One Day from last year, which came out via Jamz Supernova’s label Future Bounce. Jasper has since signed with Au Contraire Music, and if “Back For More” is any indication, he is taking his music to new heights.  

Jasper creates a fascinating soundscape on “Back For More” with a seamless blend of acoustic and electronic elements. The instrumentals on the song are astounding in their own right, with an intricate layering of various sounds that all coalesce in soulful support of Jasper’s understated vocals. The warm horn parts are particularly effective in creating a fuzzy, organic sound throughout.

Speaking about the “Back For More,” Jasper writes that it “was the first track I sang on that I really wanted to get out.” His singing on the track is certainly noteworthy, mostly for his gentle delivery as he croons about getting ensnared in a complicated relationship. Amid stacks of vocal harmonies in the song’s hook, Jasper’s lead voice weaves through the mix as he sings, “Followin’ your footsteps, knockin’ on your door / you’re lettin’ me breath again / keep comin’ back for more.” With stellar musicianship and a growing confidence as a vocalist and lyricist, Ted Jasper will surely be a name to watch moving forward.

Jasper will be supporting the new release with a DJ set at NT's, London on March 29 as part of Jamz Supernova's "Future Bounce Presents Roche Musique" night.

Connect with Ted Jasper: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify


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