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E.PARKER returns with electro spark "Palazzo"

Writing "Palazzo" as a "grimy club love letter to my friends", E.PARKER is back with another moody pop record. Teaming up with producer Gethin Pearson, who's worked with the likes of ALMA, "Palazzo" sees another appearance from E.PARKER's moody vocals and sultry pop persona.

Continuing her Lorde-esque songwriting style, E.PARKER is definitely one to watch throughout 2019. Featuring her iconic electro-pop character, the Hackney via Australia via Doncaster artist is one of the main proprietors in today's modern electronica. "Palazzo" invites you to ditch the heels and hit the bottled beer. It's phenomenal.

Telling us about the track, E.PARKER explains: "I used to spend my weekends working in cafes and then in the evenings my friends and I would throw these wild parties at my old apartment. We'd put red cellophane over an Ikea lamp, turn the kitchen into a sleazy red glow room and dance and talk until the morning. When we were all together like that it made me feel like we could take over the world."

Sounds like something we'd all do, right? 

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