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Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic team up with Nikki Ambers on vocal version of "In My Arms" [Video]

Is it 2012 all over again? The latest from Ferreck Dawn and Robosonic certainly makes it feel like it is, employing a technique we saw frequently during dance music's hyped mainstream ascent: resurfacing one of their biggest tracks of their careers with a re-up with a new vocal. 

Of course, there is a reason for such an occasion, as the duo's 2018 hit, "In My Arms," was arguably one of the year's top house tracks, earning almost 5 million streams on Spotify and remixes from artists like A-Trak. And last week, the vocal mix of "In My Arms" saw Nikki Ambers extend the track's recognizable sample into an actual hook. While it might be a bit jarring for those of us who have known the original, it works nicely for an opportunity for pop crossover and greater reach for all of the artists involved.

Released last week, the vocal version of "In My Arms" has gone one step further with the release of an official lyric video. Check it out above.

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