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Emma Elisabeth gets soulful with "Soul Traveller"

Music is more interesting when it's difficult to define. Swedish newcomer Emma Elisabeth, in releasing her debut single "Soul Traveller", has situated herself in the small but ever-growing community of songwriters who will not conform to something as basic as one genre. 

Irresistibly catchy, "Soul Traveller" has all the makings of a great pop song. But it's also got a driving, groovy that characterize most R&B of the day. Her vocal morphs from rock to pop to soul: smooth, undeniably sexy and blatantly refusing to be pigeonholed.

Written in a rehearsal room in East Berlin, "Soul Traveller" is produced and mixed by some of the best in the business. The production is classic, almost old-school and the track is lyrically cinematic, conjuring vivid elemental and celestial imagery. This is a song about finding "the one", about an emotional connection of such strength it causes your mind to bend ever so slightly.  

SXSW Shows: 

 Barracuda Backyard on Monday, March 12 from 8:30 PM to 9:10 PM
Esther's Follies on Friday, March 16, Time TBA
Barracuda, German Haus Event, March 10 from 22.10 PM to 22.50 PM
Second Play Stage -  SFA / Thursday 15th / 4:00pm (stripped back set)
Second Play Stage - Hilton Cannon + Bell / Friday 16th / 6:00pm (stripped back set)

Connect with Emma Elisabeth: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Alternative · Folk Rock · Indie · Main Stage · Pop


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