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Cienfue renews mind and body on tropical-psych single "Sunset Sesh"

Camilo Navarro, better known under his alias Cienfue, brings what he has coined as psicodelia tropical to full fruition on his latest single "Sunset Sesh." The Pan-American artist who is known at times for his political commentary, as well as an optimistic messaging, blends his Latin Roots to the ethereal realm of psychedelics. Following a string of English singles released this year, Cienfue immerses a new audience to his mindset and carefree awakening.

Diluted in a vocal masking, Cienfue leads the polyrhythms to a hallucinatory meeting. Cienfue's arrival are felt with minimal lines, from what seems to be derived from a deep mediation, to a renewal of spirit and body; being seen as more than a carnivorous creature: "She likes to walk on the water / Zombies eat flesh / We likes to walk on the water / It's a Sunset Sesh." As with anything from Cienfue, there is a natural dance core to his creation. "Sunset Sesh" is no different in this manner and grows during its duration, and its start from a wispy, electronic pulse.

Natural roots of the Caribbean are felt on the track but not to the point where it is simply replicating the sound. Cienfue pulls a variety of different elements and influences for a modern take from the tropicalista period and a fresh slice of liberation. The unique blend of sounds, textures, and Navarro's composed vocals call for an overall tranquil arrangement. A stern percussion breaks the track on the bridge with an overlay of an electronic guitar for the final restitution. 

As the year continues, Cienfue will release monthly singles leading up to his English full-length album of electronic-pop and tropical sensations. This new chapter welcomes all to enjoy in the amiable sound which Cienfue constructs. The artist's next show will be in Panama City at Macrofest which is celebrating 10 years of the arts. 

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