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Delacey reminds us what honesty and vulnerability sound like on "My Man"

Some may call Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Delacey a newcomer, but the truth is that this powerhouse of a woman has been successfully making music behind the scenes for years. Having written for Zara, The Chainsmokers, Sabrina Carpenter, and most recently, Halsey's top hit "Without Me", Delacey is finally ready to put her own face behind the lyrics. Debuting her first single "My Man", Delacey channels some serious "Jolene" vibes with pleas to a nameless woman to avoid seducing her man. 

With this debut, Delacey ensures to set the expectation for honest and vulnerable lyrics when it comes to her music. She finds the hidden voice that women tuck away, lest it ward off their romantic partners, and puts it under the lights, microphone in hand. She's not delicate about it, either. While "Jolene" may have been respectful, playful even, "My Man" cuts straight to the point with the opening line "Bitch don't steal my man." Yet, the song doesn't undercut women. If anything, it manages to compliment the "other woman" while also telling her to stay away. And it's hard to be touched by any negativity while being engulfed in Delacey's breathy, romantic vocals, and a slow, smooth pop production. 

Proving that she can write hit songs, and perform them with a lustrous silkiness that some artists can only dream of, Delacey is on track to becoming a household name, both behind and in front of the scene. 

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