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Nitti Gritti and YOOKiE drop ear-shattering bass banger “Apocalypse”

The eagerly-awaited collaboration between Nitti Gritti and the bass duo YOOKiE has just arrived through the revered Kannibalen Records. And this is an absolutely earth-shattering cataclysm. 

Nitti Gritti has made a name for himself beyond the electronic music scene in the last few years. The Miami native has made hit after hit through his collaborations with top A-list acts across genres, such as Diplo, Enrique Iglesias, and Bad Bunny. The bass brothers YOOKiE have also annihilated dancefloors all over North America at major festivals and on their own headlining tours.

We highly recommend you to save the first listen for a pair of good over ear earphones. “Apocalypse” is minimalistic yet sophisticated - the underlying composition is straightforward, but the richness of details and heavy sensibilities radiate through their unparallel production skills throughout the track. YOOKiE comments that "This is the soundtrack for when the world ends," and I think he is absolutely correct. The record is a veritable monster with bass explosion and divine drum rumbling, creating an aphotic atmosphere perfect for any season finale episodes of Game of Thrones.

Stream/buy the record here.

Connect with YOOKiE: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Nitti Gritti: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram



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