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Hembree are energised on single "Almost"

Indie-quintet Hembree are creating melodic noise on "Almost", the first single from their upcoming debut record.

Demonstrating a sharp, addictive riff which front man Isaac Flynns says he can't wait to play live, "Almost" is a contagious 80s-inspired number. A contagiously upbeat track, it's a great introduction to a band who are about to be your new favourite. Featuring fuzzy guitars and a vivacious drum groove, Hembree are defiantly claiming the indie crown.

Flynn explains, "The song is through the lens f a relationship, where someone is all in and someone isn't. This concept applies to all of life's relationships. There has to be a balance when it comes to dependency. It's a familiar feeling that I think we've all dealt with, and "Almost" is about getting through that stage and reflecting on all you went through. It's a song with a bit of lament. A what could have been? scenario. Lately, I've been finding more depth in the narrative, and I love that I'm still discovering meaning in this song."

This Missouri band was named as a choice for 'SXSW 2018: 30 Best Artists We Saw at the Austin Throwdown' in 2018 by Rolling Stone, and their debut album House On Fire is due to be released April this year. (PS. it's an album full of bangers.)

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