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Mara leaves her past “Behind” in exchange for self-acceptance

Toronto’s Mara shares invaluable morsels she’s learned in life on the anthemic “Behind”. An open letter to herself, Mara, leaves no question unasked and no emotion ignored as she trades in her self doubts for acceptance.

With inspiring honesty, Mara reiterates a promise she made to never give up on herself. A reminder to recognize the obstacles she has overcome to get where she is now, “Behind” is a jazz-drenched rhapsody inked with messages of empowerment, strength and self-actualization. Her gentle but arresting vocals dissolve into a minimal head-bobbing R&B beat, produced by Toronto’s Mike Charuk.

“Behind”’s vulnerable lyrics serve as encouragement for the listener as well as catharsis for Mara, who explains: “This song was written as a reminder to love the parts of yourself that are difficult to love. There are certain facets of your personality that make you who you are, and even though they may hinder you at times, they can also propel you forward and should be seen as a blessing”. Empathizing with her listeners, she shares, “It’s easy to get caught up in negativity, especially when you come across roadblocks in your journey. This song was written during a time that I was feeling discouraged - and now every time I hear it, I feel proud of who I have become. I can only hope it does the same thing for my audience.”

Find solace in Mara’s soulful sincerity and listen to “Behind” above.

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