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LSDREAM and Champagne Drip release "Eternal Now" [Premiere]

Just a year ago, Sami Diament, also known as Brillz, announced his new alias LSDREAM. The producer explained the project as "a spiritual being having a human experience," and boy, what an experience it truly is. Now on the first anniversary of the project, we receive a special treat in the form of a collaboration with heavy hitter Champagne Drip, known as "Eternal Now."

Upon pressing play, the listener is immediately transported to a galactic space filled with lush atmospherics, a mesmerizing arp, and of course resonating bass. The track slowly builds in emotion, with swift sweeps laced with impactful percussion. A punchy kick gives just the right amount of energy until the drop comes in and engulfs the room with gritty synths.

"We created something that embodied that story, a melody that keeps evolving, and becoming more emotional. What inspired us was the contradiction and beauty of the Eternal Now: that this present moment goes on forever, it’s always right now."

The name "Eternal Now" is also a whole story in itself. It refers to a place where time does not exist - where we let go of past, present, and future, and allow ourselves to live in current moment. It's as if the track is meant to force the listener to slowly become aware of each new noise, paying attention to detail and allowing the mind to wander into whatever space it pleases.

Champagne Drip and LSDREAM perfectly demonstrate their glitchy and floor shaking styles on this one, while adding a whole new layer of thoughtfulness. They effortlessly create an exciting journey through sound; a fitting release for Liquid Stranger's label Wakaan, which has given free-form music a place to live and thrive over the years. 

So in honor of all of their hard work, and the official release of "Eternal Now,"

"Let’s vibrate love, for ourselves, and others. Let’s create art that means something to us. Let’s make this planet a better place.”

Get your version HERE.

Connect with LSDREAM: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with Champagne Drip: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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