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Khalid confesses his struggles with love on "My Bad"

With all the responsibilities that come with being an artist in the music industry, it can be hard for some to find time for love. Singer and Songwriter Khalid dives deep into his relationship issues and insecurities on his new single “My Bad”.

The 21-year-old R&B artist continues to invite fans into vulnerable aspects of his life. On his new track titled “My Bad”, Khalid beautifully captures the emotions that come with trying to make a relationship work while bettering yourself as well. The R&B artist gives fans an intimate perspective into the struggles of his love life through his lyrics:

(Verse 2)

Oh, we both care about it

But arguing with me just isn't worth it

No, no, no

Don't go reachin' in your bag, your bag, yeah

I didn't text you back 'cause I was workin'


Gave you all the signs

Gave you all of my time, my love

You're followin' the signs

But you're followin' the wrong signs, my love

“My Bad” showcases Khalid’s compassionate and self-assuring mindset when it comes to love while alluding to his busy lifestyle. The guitar-driven track is also accompanied by sweet-sounding tones and a soft base, making “My Bad” a standout single for Khalid when paired with his beautiful vocals. After the release of his first album American Teen in 2017, Khalid received great popularity in the music industry, leading to over 1 million sales for his debut album and the artist receiving multiple Grammy nominations. EARMILK has already recognized Khalid’s talent in the past and we look forward to what the evolving artist will release in 2019.

“My Bad” is the second single Khalid has released off his upcoming album Free Spirit that is expected to drop at the start of April 2019.

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