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tofû draws into his "gravity" feat KRIKIT

Vancouver-based producer tofû has just released his debut album Fu For Thought, an 8-track release full of originals featuring various vocalists new and old. It's quite the accomplishment for the producer who works a corporate 9-5 job showing discipline and hard work. "Gravity" was the single that kickstarted the album, a reminiscence of old school pop and modern electronic melodies. 

Gravity begins with KRIKIT's vocals grasping your heart with its soft and luscious lyrics. A piano and light drums are accompanied throughout before the drop, letting her voice be the shining star. Her voice is then filtered and pitched to lead into a drop that has your head grooving left and right with its catchy tone. This is easily my favourite track from the album because of its replay value and how easy it is to follow the lead and hooks. tofû has crafted his signature sample and sounds into the album, and the joyful vibes that exudes make it a no brainer to give a listen.

Connect with Tofu: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify


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