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Charlie Heat and Denzel Curry welcome listeners to their upcoming album with "Aloha"

We've been lied to so many times as listeners, it's understandable for some music fans to be skeptical of the claims artists make on their social media. "I have a hip-hop/country fusion album!", "Me and Kendrick have 30 songs recorded together!", and the all-too famous, "Album is soon come™!" all fill our timelines and usually never come to fruition or are downright lies. There are more rumours of collab albums then there are condo buildings in Toronto. So the skeptics can rejoice when we do finally get something that has been teased.

"Aloha" didn't come out of nowhere. In typical hip-hop fashion, the original release date listed for the song was February 1st, with Charlie Heat and Denzel Curry claiming a project was to follow. This is also not the first time these two have linked up; the throat-scorching banger "SUMO | ZUMO" off Denzel's critically-acclaimed TABOO project was first proof that these two clearly have some chemistry together.

As the last names of the two artists suggests, the combination is spicy. The song is built around brass that sounds like it came from a bottle of extra-spicy salsa, skipping high hats, and a subdued kick that allows the rest of the production to breath. Denzel effortlessly blends the choruses and verses through the production, proving once again his ability to adapt to the production style.

The lyrics do nothing to break new ground, but introduce a sound that's refreshing to both of the artists repertoire, almost acting as a teaser that was made to set the mood for the upcoming album. The song seems to say aloha (hello), before saying aloha (goodbye) again and leaving. Now all we have to do is wait and see whether this is the appetizer before the main course, or if we're really going to have spinach dip for dinner.

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