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Morabeza Tobacco lean into nostalgia on "Ally McBeal"

Up-and-coming Swedish duo Morabeza Tobacco are preparing for the release of a debut LP and have offered up a teaser with the single "Ally McBeal." With only a few singles to their name so far, the pair consisting of Gustav Jennefors and Vanilla Stillefors have cultivated a unique lo-fi sound that instantly evokes a sense of nostalgia. While their previous efforts have been groove-based, the new single that has little connection to the 90s TV show of the same name features a more dreamy feel and is accompanied by an appropriately vintage styled video directed by Lionel Cabrera.

With a bubbling bass, layers of touching synths, and fuzzy unison vocals, the song and video evoke a palpable sense of melancholy. In describing the somber tone of the track, Morabeza Tobacco write, "Let's hope that 'Ally McBeal' is gonna help some people open up the canals for a little cry that makes them feel better afterwards." At the very least, listeners will feel a beautiful sense of reminiscence of days gone by. While the other tracks on the forthcoming album may be more upbeat, "Ally McBeal" feels right at home in its lovely, tear-jerking sentimentality.

Morabeza Tobacco's debut LP will be released in May on NAIV Recordings (EU) and Luminelle Records (USA).

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