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Sasha Keable yearns for affection in "Treat Me Like I'm All Yours"

With so many potential distractions in our lives nowadays, it’s easy to feel like screaming at a romantic partner who is consumed with their own business. Singer Sasha Keable gives voice to this sentiment on her latest single “Treat Me Like I’m All Yours.” The song finds the Colombian South London resident imploring her partner in a slyly humorous way to fulfill her needs as she croons over the song’s smooth, jazz-tinged instrumentals.

Keable references Lauryn Hill as a major influence in her work and it’s easy to see why on “Treat Me Like I’m All Yours.” She bears striking resemblance at times to the soul legend on the single, both in vocal timbre and delivery. Her originality shines through, though, particularly with lyrics like these in the pre-chorus: “I thought we’d get it on / looks like I was wrong / you’re content making love to your phone.” The playfulness that is intertwined with the sexual frustration in Keable’s writing makes for a unique and engaging spin on such a commonly held feeling. With these thematic elements and her dynamic vocal skills, Sasha Keable will certainly be a name on the rise.

“Treat Me Like I’m All Yours” is part of Keable’s forthcoming EP Man, which is set for release in April.

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