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Yeo has us “Restless” on his genre-bending new single

Solo musician Yeo can’t sleep at night, which, selfishly, is great because it brings brilliant tracks like his new single “Restless.”

On his first release of 2019, Yeo continues his trademark genre-bending exploits through pop, R&B, and electronic sounds. “Restless” displays the multi-instrumentalist in full form not only as songwriter, vocalist, and producer, but also as he shines with a disarming sense of contempt and positivity.

In the moody vibes way that only Yeo can pull off, the track pokes fun at systemic racism. Moreover, the lyrics relate to the powerless feeling of confrontation. Yeo describes, “Y'know when you're too shocked to reply to some asshole and then later it keeps you up at night? This song is about trying not to let that stuff get you down.”

Refreshing in both its antipathy and empathy, “Restless” takes on a fidgety neo-soul groove. Yeo delivers a whirlwind of deliberative ire and self-reflection in a peppy relish of funked up beats. Most glorious is the song’s redemptive outro. Backed by vocal greats like Dru Chen and Mojo Juju, the upbeat gospel harmony bursts into a hopeful antidote to our negative interactions. “It's about redemption from all that and having faith in something you may not live to see,” says Yeo.

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Neo-Soul · PBR&B · Pop


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