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Cecil releases a euphoric lo-fi EP ‘Candlelit Comedown’

Hailing from Australia, New South Wales rapper Cecil releases a new EP filled with euphoric lo-fi sounds Candlelit Comedown. The 5-track EP is filled with nostalgic hip hop, chilled rap and moody lyrics centered around captivating different moods and the inevitable slump and comedown of everyday life.

On the EP, Cecil said, “The EP is structured to follow this arc in mood, sound and content, however, each individual track has its own issues and ideas to tackle, giving each track its own unique voice,”

The single “Mindless” is one of our personal favourites, more of an upbeat single that delves into the thoughts and theories that come into our minds, accepting that sometimes it can just be nothing at all.

Cecil comes from one of the most unlikely places to create lo-fi music, he lives in Wellington which is a rural area of New South Wales of Australia. His aim is to change the public’s perspective towards youth in rural areas and encourage kids in low-opportunity areas to follow their dreams and create their own path.

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