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Noah North flexes powerful R&B pop vocals on "Mile High"

Singer Noah North returns with a new single titled "Mile High." Over minimal production driven by a soothing, winding guitar, he flexes his consistently impressive vocals. It's a love song that sees him sing both to and about a girl as he describes his affection for her; she doesn't feel like she's good enough for him, but he sees it differently. The song is drenched in raw emotion and is the first in an upcoming string of singles that will be released every four to five weeks.

The Austin, Texas-based singer is combining elements of pop and R&B music to create a sound that is both an easy listen and able to be examined closely. With every release, North is proving that he is one of the most consistent and reliable acts in the pop/R&B lane. Every recent release has been exceptional and "Mile High" is no different. Check it out up above. 

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