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Little Simz takes us on a self-reflecting journey with new album ‘GREY Area’

North London rapper Little Simz releases her third studio album GREY Area. The 10-track album features appearances from Little Dragon and Chronixx and showcases Little Simz flawless versatility as the album touches on elements of funk, hip hop, neo-soul, and grime.

Each song on the album is filled with emotions that we face every day that almost reads like a diary, whether it’s admitting being “Selfish”, what it's like being a “Boss” or being vulnerable in “Therapy”. On further listening, it becomes clear that each song is a reflection of Little Simz characteristics and her journey through life.

The track “101 FM” is one of our personal favourites and Little Simz flow is as smooth as silk accompanied by beautiful Asian-influenced sounds in the backdrop.

Just as the title of the album says, it is indeed a masterpiece that leaves us in the grey area which I am sure is the rapper’s intention all along. Little Simz’s latest offering is vulnerable, yet packs a punch, an album that needs to be on your radar.

Connect with Little Simz: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

Hip-Hop · Main Stage · Rap


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