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Full Crate teams up with Jayd Ink for "LowKey"

Full Crate has successfully been operating below the radar for years. But the release of "A Storm On A Summers Day," in 2018 signaled a shift and the song's depth was a glaring note that it might be time for the Dutch artist to have his moment. 2019 feels anew with his latest release, "LowKey."

"LowKey" is the manifestation of Full Crate's talent for collaboration. He's able to keep his worldly influence in his tracks - here hip-hop and island music inspired - while providing an expansive backdrop for his vocalists to shine on. Really, a dream producer for any vocalist to work with as they build their repertoire. "Low Key" doesn't hit in the heart as much as "A Storm On A Summers Day," but that's because it's not supposed to. Jayd Ink's vocals shine with subtlety as she sings rhythmically over a versatile groovy beat, meant to hype us to dance more than anything else.

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