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Gan Gah fuses Afro and Arabic beats on hypnotising ‘Habibitronics’ EP

Filled with Moroccan bass and hypnotising beats, Brussels-based producer Gan Gah releases his highly anticipated EP Habibitronics. The 4-track EP combines Afro and Arabic music with a modern twist. As soon as you listen to the EP you are instantly drawn in, our favourite single off the EP is “Sawt Al Mashreq” which combines a debke rhythm from Palestine and Lebanon fused with trap feels which is completely dance-worthy and spell-bounding.

“Maalaya Dance” is inspired by a style that is usually played by pearl diving fisherman during ceremonies. It’s funky and allows listeners to get lost on the dance floor, leaving listeners with a feeling of travelling around different cultures without getting on a plane. Gan Gah's ability to transmit different cultures onto the dance floor is to be admired.

Gan Gah is fed by traditional Gnawa and Berber rhythms ever since he was born in the suburbs of Agadir. The young producer specialising in turning traditional music into dance floor hits.

Connect with Gan Gah: Facebook | Spotify | Twitter

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