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Four Tet revives KH to release long-awaited Nelly Furtado "Only Human" edit

It's been a long road leading to this moment. For what feels like years, Four Tet has been rinsing out his eclectic remix of Nelly Furtado's track "Afraid," from her 2006 album Loose. Today, he's finally released his official edit of the track via his rarely seen alter ego KH, naming the edit "Only Human." 

Bringing KH out for this release could be a nod to the emotional trajectory this track has seen in its existence. It's been a fan favorite because of the exposure it's gotten during live performances, a track beloved by his contemporaries and sits alongside some of his most coveted unreleased music (see Destiny's Child "Lose My Breath" as another example). It's a required play during his performances - one that fans expect to hear no matter what, even if the notoriously experimental artist goes on a kick of SKA or punk rock in his live set. It's been around so long that it could be easily assumed it would never see the light of day, as a release that couldn't get copyright clearance. But last week, Four Tet tweeted out some news - the sample had cleared. Now, with quick turnaround, we have "Only Human" in its industrial afro-beat multi-dimensional trip in all its glory.

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