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M w S find strength through adversity on "Complicated"

Musical barriers are meant to be broken. That is how Giulia Magnani and Francesco Drovandi, A.K.A. M w S, developed their unique brand of R&B despite growing up in Italy, a country with very little tradition in that particular style of music. The duo has since moved to London and brought with them a romantic and soulful sensibility from their home country that makes for an engaging original sound that can be heard on their latest single “Complicated.”

The song is an exercise in minimalism and restraint with a spacious, guitar-driven production from Santiago Morales. The tasteful music provides an appropriate foundation for Magnani’s delicate vocals as she sings about complexities of life. Navigating the music industry can be a particularly tumultuous pursuit, and M w S convey the emotions of their journey through the industry and across Europe beautifully on “Complicated.” They write that, “It’s a song about acknowledging our feelings and using them to support our growth.” The duo shows off an endearing quality on “Complicated” that will make listeners feel warm and safe even through adversity. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning for M w S.

M w S will have their first headline show on June 12 at London's Servant Jazz Quarters. Find tickets here.

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R&B · Soul


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