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B. Aull showcases his pop side on new single "Not For Nothing"

B. Aull consistently dropped dance-inspired gems throughout 2018, and he is back to kick off 2019 in the same fashion. The new single "Not For Nothing" features fellow Maine artist Sydney, and showcases B. Aull's pop acumen.

The sotosodope produced track is a pulsating dance bop. It serves as the perfect base for B. Aull's flow. B. Aull seems to be getting more and more comfortable showcasing his singing abilities with each song. He and Sydney complement each other well on the hook.

Hopefully, we can expect a project from B. Aull in 2019; but until then, there's no shortage of jams from him to keep on replay including this new single "Not For Nothing".

Connect with B. Aull: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram



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