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Madeaux pushes boundaries & builds bridges in the latest K-Pop remix

Yes, Madeaux just dropped the sensual techno track "Addicted2" last week - the one we just reviewed. This week, Madeaux is giving the collaboration between 3Lau and Hyo, a member of the prestigious K-Pop group Girls' Generation, a royal treatment.

Have you ever imagined what K-pop would sound like when it meets tech house? Madeaux's remix of "Punk Right Now" is the only answer you need to this question. On it, he combines a sweetness rooted in the vocals together with the infectious groove of tech house. Driven by punchy chord progression and steely drum kicks, the track is skillfully ridden with Madeaux's unique mastery of dizzying synth patch. His hallmark sounds of vibrating bass lines dive into the outer space, creating an overall aesthetic that is a surreal meshing of the playfulness of the original with the bizarreness of his exclusive touch.

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Tech House


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