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Madeaux has us all "ADDICTED2" to this latest track

Madeaux is known for creating immersive experiences with his audacious house sound and raw aesthetic. An array of stellar dark house records through Fool's Gold Records and Confession proves that he is one of the most exciting up-and-comers you don't want to miss out on. On Valentine's Day, the LA-based producer returned and surprised us with a sensual techno track, "ADDICTED2."

I actually have been sitting on this track for a while ever since I heard it first on the third installment of his LIMBO mix series. Madeaux effortlessly weaves a vivid daydream and takes us deep into an ominous rabbit hole with "ADDICTED2." Opening with crispy drum kicks and filthy synth sounds, the sultry track intimately professes its exclusive nature. Hypnotizing vocals come in like a torrential storm, riddled with a pulsing focus on the underlying sensual and formidable. Creating a spacey soundscape and deeply emotional air, the track emphasizes the devilish and avant-garde vibes in this state-of-the-art project.

"ADDICTED2" is a ravishing juxtaposition of light and dark by conveying the lovely theme of love through an eerie tone. Madeaux flexes his production versatility by showing us his soul-stirring sound design, leaving us wondering what other surprises this talented producer can bring to the table. He pushes the boundary of traditional electronic parameters to uncharted territory. We cannot wait to see what else Madeaux has in store for us.

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