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Enter Glassio's youthful 'Age Of Experience' EP

Bringing sleek synths and textured rhythms for prime indie electronic fusion, New York based Glassio is back with his sophomore EP called Age Of Experience. Introspective and honest, Age Of Experience is meant to touch on the ups and downs of transient youths. Glassio describes it as “an adolescent EP,” a character’s emotional journey through moving to New York, navigating relationships, conquering the world, and taking on the feelings that arise in life. The result is a very raw EP that pulls from different genres for a bubbly and sensual, yet deeply personal and relatable listen.

Glassio debuted the title track last month, and it certainly captures the essence of the whole EP. Focusing on childhood and self-awareness, “Age Of Experience” tells its tale in the form of this sultry and groovy, but also minimal track. At times the melodies are simpler, and at other moments the track opens up, incorporating grand layers of piano and strings. Led by a warm synth line and airy vocals atop crisp beats, the track draws you in with contrasting chill and sonic warmth. Overall, a cool, sway-worthy tune.

The full EP goes back and forth between its ballad moments like opener “New York, New York II” and dancier, upbeat tracks like “Back For More” and obviously “Dancing.” Even with the softer and heartfelt moments on the EP, Glassio manages to make give every song this anthemic energy. That couldn’t be more true than with “Weight Of The World II.” As it looms with emotion, there’s this little glimmer of light, both lyrically and within the music itself. You can still sense that positivity that makes you want to sing along.

There’s definitely a strong theme of youth and coming-of-age throughout. The anthemic quality probably comes out most obviously with “Youth & Departed.” Its infectious, upbeat production mixed with the catchy chorus makes you want to shout out and dance. As the lyrics say, “tonight we’re gonna make up a world we love.” Glassio’s theme for his Age Of Experience EP will certainly strike resonance with a younger audience, but anyone who’s into The Postal Service, Geotic, or Homeshake should give this one a listen. 

1. New York New York II
2. Back For More
3. Age Of Experience
4. Young & Departed
5. Weight Of The World II
6. Dancing

Connect with Glassio: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Chillout · Electronic · Electronic · Indie · Synth Pop


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